professional coffee machines for pubs, offices, work place

What every
great business needs

A great partner to…

Create cup after cup of delicious coffee in seconds.

  • Velvety smooth coffee from just 9p a cup
  • 5 great tasting beverages out of 1 cartridge
  • Easy to use, easy to clean

Great looks and great coffee? Team up with NESCAFÉ® Alegria and have it all.


professional coffee machines, professional coffee solutions

  • Coffee on your desk

    Happy staff, happy days

    Here’s something to think about: a recent survey stated 41% of occasions staff popped out of the office was directly linked to searching for a better cup of coffee*.

    Fortunately, with a choice of 5 great tasting coffees, it couldn’t be easier to keep your staff happy and busy doing what they do best.

    NESCAFÉ ® Alegria - the greatest smile-maker we know!


    professional coffee makers

    professional coffee solutions for pubs

    NESCAFÉ® Alegria A510 is a profesionnal coffee machine, coffee maker, which creates professional coffee beverages.

  • Coffee on the house

    Brilliant with customers
    just like you

    When you’re running a business, little touches make all the difference. Like treating your clients to a great cup of coffee – because a better experience for them, means a better business for you.

    NESCAFÉ ® Alegria vs the kettle - it’s no contest really.


    nescafé alegria coffee machine

    nescafe alegria coffee makers, professional coffee machines

    NESCAFÉ ® Alegria A510 is a profesionnal coffee maker which provides you professional coffee solutions.

  • Coffee on the bill

    Increases your annual profits by over £6,000*

    professional coffee machines, professional coffee solutions

    Use our Profit Calculator to see how it stacks up for you.


    coffee machines for pubs, coffee solutions for offices

    professional coffee makers, pubs coffee makers